Helping Homeless Kittens in The Netherlands and Belgium

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our mission

Our primary goal, is to make sure that all stray cats find a new home, and get the family life that they all deserve. On our website you can see all the cats that we find new homes for. When a cat comes into our care, we first make sure it gains strength and make sure it is fit for adoption through our foster families. We then start looking for new homes. PAWS Dutch Ambassador, Mike, adopted 2 cats from our organisation and we thank him for keeping Zwerfkat in his thoughts with this fundraising event and making Zwerfkat the PAWS Charity of the month for May 2019.

Donation are thankful for all donations received. Currently they receive donations from both private individuals and companies and they are grateful for any donation no matter how small . They also receive pet food and used items that can be sold by volunteers in bazars and fairs. The medical costs alone can reach 70,000 Euro. They welcome all donations that will be used in the welfare of cats in their care.

volunteers are always looking for volunteers to help with the cats and keep their shelters running. There are many positions where help is required to run efficiently. Running of the website, answering the phones, the collection of lost or injured cats, or taking them for veterinary treatment are only an example of a typical day in the running of their organisation. They are always trying to source suitable foster families to help out with the homing of cats and kittens while they are recovering from illness or surgery. Without the help from donations and volunteers, they would not be in existence.


While the organisation does contact sponsor organisations to raise funds in a traditional way, it relies on and accepts all kinds of alternative support. You can do your part by simply choosing to order your own pet food and other items from, where has an affiliation and this will earn them 5% commission each time on your purchases. Another example is that you can buy stamps and send them to Zwerfkat, so as they can be used on outgoing mailing lists and thank you cards. Zwerfkat even have volunteers running their own webshop, to generate profits to support the organisation. We would be thrilled if we could fill all the targets set and it would be even better if with your help we could provide mastenodes as a continuous form of passive income. Zwerfkat will be added to our fundraising list and be featured in our tracking tool platform when launched.


The money, in this case crypto currencies, that will be donated, will be used 100% on the cats cares for. A rough estimate of how it will be used can be seen here:

  • 5% of the money goes to after care
  • 60% of the money goes to medical costs
  • 10% of the money goes to transportation
  • 25% of the money goes to food
  • FOOD

we help all cats and their owners

Help us to help them!

The cat shelter behind is called Villa Vagebond and is located in Maaseik in The Netherlands. Even though the webpage is in dutch, we recommend paying it a visit and have a look around. There are large galleries of cats that they have placed in new families, which makes it very easy to relate to their mission and their effords.


our background

In Belgium and The Netherlands there is a big stray cat problem. Thousands of cats roam the streets, are dumped in containers or forests, buried alive under the ground or drowned in canals. Litters of unwanted kittens or are thrown in boxes along the highway. The stray cats that were born outside or dumped by heartless people, each come with a story of their own. Some kittens, barely a few hours old, were found in plastic bags on a cycle path. We could continue for hours like this... Zwerfkat in Nood II is a non-profit association (VZW) that wants to help the smallest of them find a better life. VZW Zwerfkat also offers a safe haven for injured and sick stray cats. Those animals are cared for in temporary foster families, a safe place where they can recover, heal and grow into healthy kittens, protected by a foster family and and a home. Eventually, we strive to find good homes for them.

Giving Love

The foster families, all volunteers, give those stray cats the love they need...

Giving Home

After the cats and kittens have recovered, a lot of efforts go into finding them a home...

Helping animals

Kitten or adult, injured or just lost, Zwerfkat will try and help them get a better life...

Helping remote

Want to help, but are far away, you can adopt a cat with AIDS and contribute to its care...

Health Care

The medical costs to help cats recover are enormous, and your support makes a difference...

Giving Food

Imagine what a shelter full of hungry cats eat every day, food supplies are welcome too...