In Belgium and The Netherlands there is a big stray cat problem. Thousands of cats roam the streets, are dumped in containers or forests, buried alive under the ground or drowned in canals. Litters of unwanted kittens or are thrown in boxes along the highway. The stray cats that were born outside or dumped by heartless people, each come with a story of their own. Some kittens, barely a few hours old, were found in plastic bags on a cycle path. We could continue for hours like this… Zwerfkat in Nood II is a non-profit association (VZW) that wants to help abandoned cats to find a better life. VZW Zwerfkat also offers a safe haven for injured and sick stray cats. Those animals are cared for in temporary foster families, a safe place where they can recover, heal and grow into healthy kittens, protected by a foster family and a home. Eventually, we strive to find good homes for them.