The mission is to protect and improve the quality of life for animals in and around the university campus.

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our mission

Fundacion Proteccioiista UC wants to help animals on the campus of the University of Carabobo and surroundings. They also create educational programs for students and the community on the campus to improve animal protection and awareness around it. Their mission is to protect and care for the animals living on and around the campus of the University of Carabobo. They also educate the university community through their network of volunteers, via direct and indirect educational training programs and constantly spreading the word of the importance of animal welfare.


Proteccioiista UC are thankful for all donations received. Currently they receive donations from both private individuals, companies and even from public institutions. They are grateful for any donation no matter how small. In a country with hyperinflation is hard to cover the expenses. The only way to raise funds for the animals in their care is through social media posts, and sometimes through fundraising events. Proteccioiista UC thinks PAWS Fund has come as a blessing in these difficult times and are grateful to be considered as a charity in our Charity of the Month program.


Proteccioiista UC has 13 volunteers that form the permanent staff of the organisation, which includes university professors and other employees working on the university. It is very fortunate that many students also work as volunteers to help look after the many animals under their care. Students often do not have a permanent position in the organisation and the number of volunteers varies from day to day. Their help and support is much appreciated, and without them it would be impossible to look after the 55 dogs and 4 cats under their care.

fundraising alliance

This month we welcome the Neutron community to our alliance of communities for raising funds for the charity of the month. Neutron is the first of a string of communities PAWS Fund is looking to create an alliance with. Pet owners can be found in all layers of society and in all corners of the world. PAWS in intending to reach out to those communities for the benefit of animal charity organisations across the world. There is no need for the Neutron community to buy PAWS or spent valuable BTC on donations, it will be possible to donate directly in their own currency NTRN. Thank you in advance for helping Proteccioiista UC.


The money, in this case crypto currencies, that will be donated, will be used 100% on the animals that Proteccioiista UC cares for. A rough estimate of how it will be used can be seen here:

  • 14% of the money goes to medical care
  • 40% of the money goes to food for the 55 dogs and 4 cats
  • 16% of the money goes to transport and logistics
  • 30% of the money goes to educational programs for animal protection
  • FOOD

we care for all animals

Help us to help them!

Our influence has been limited by finances, our spirit and desire want more. We want to help more, reach out to more animals in need, we want to teach more people about animal welfare and we know that this opportunity with PAWS Fund and your community we will be able to do just that.


our background

Proteccioiista UC has been working to improve the conditions for animals on and around the campus of the University of Carabobo for many years. As you all might know, Venezuela is going through a difficult period and hyperinflation in conjunction with food and medicine shortages have made our work more complicated. As a non profit organization, they are in a high degree depending on donations to fund the food and medicine required. The organisation aims to share resources and knowledge with other animal charity organizations, in order to optimise their operations and help even more animals.

Giving Love

Our volunteers, both staff and students alike, look after the animals in our care like they are their own...

Giving Home

Stay cats but mostly dogs are taken back to our facilities, where we make sure they are well cared for...

Helping animals

Our volunteers make sure that dogs and cats alike, get the medical attention and food they need...


We believe, that one of the things we can do to prevent animals from being abandonned it education...

Health Care

The medical costs to help the animals we find are substancial, and your support makes all the difference...

Giving Food

Imagine being abandonned somewhere in the warm climate of Venezuela, we provide food and water for them to recover...